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Ana Creations Cloth Pads aims to supply the best Cloth Pads, Baby Diapers and Leak Proof Bed that is made out of finest raw materials at the most affordable price in Coimbatore, India. By using eco friendly, renewable products, it can avoid the waste of global resources and reduce environmental pollution. Ana Creation cloth pads are made of biodegradable and environmentally friendly natural to reduce the waste and pollution of the earth’s resources. Such as 100% certificated organic cotton.

Create awarness among girls & women.
Provide reusable & non-side effective Ana cloth pads to girls from Govt schools and rural areas.


On an average each girl uses 60-70 sanitary napkins per year , Whereas only 6 Ana cloth pads are sufficient per year. We are creating awareness of Ana Cotton pads, which are more sustainable alternative and reusable at your budget.

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Good for you

Ana creation cloth Pads are eco-friendly pads manufacturing in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. We are creating awareness among the women and girls to purchase cotton cloth pads, which keep their body hygienic. Cotton cloth pads, which is soft and more comfortable to the sensitive parts.

Good for Environment

The components of disposables pads include plastics, synthetic fibers and bleach that effects our ecosystem. By switching to reusable menstrual products, everybody will make their own small personal commitment to the reduction of waste from disposable sanitary pads.

Napkin Cloth Pads in Kerala

Building a better world by using cotton cloth pads, baby diapers and leak proof bed. We care for you and we care for the planet. Our products such as cloth pads, baby diapers and leak proof bed are manufactured focused on organic principles or biodegradability.

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