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Organic Panty Liners Suppliers in Tamilnadu

Organic Panty Liners

Organic Panty Liners for global Womens
In Tamilnadu, Ana Creations cotton panty liners are made with only organic and natural materials. Panty liners designed to be breathable, soft on the skin, and compostable. Our sanitary products designed for women’s comfortable reliable protection whilst restricting their contact with synthetic materials unnecessary chemicals and irritating additives and preservatives they also have minimum impact on our environment.

Why Chooser

Silky touch, extra soft & comfortable.

Adsorbing quickly and keep the napkin dry.

Fluffy Soft Cover - which means 100% cotton, eco-friendly and soft.

The best reusable organic menstrual cotton pads and liners shelf life is 24 months.

Our Biodegradable Panty Liners is a high quality panty liner, which are manufacture to provide more heath care for women in daily clean and during periods. We designed the simplest product with most intimate care.

We are offering high-quality and affordable Ana panty liners in Tamil nadu, kerala and soon.

Use Of Organic Panty liners

Cotton is Super Water Absorption and Soft material, making it ideal for period protection and light incontinence.

All our pads and liners are backed with a cotton which is certified compostable. This keeps you dry with the power of nature.

Plastic creates a sweaty environment for your most intimate and irritable areas. Free from that nasty plastic – keeping toxins out of your private area.

With organic cotton panty liners next to your skin, feel the difference. It is encourage to allow the skin to breathe more comfortably, and to prevent intimate irritation.

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